☠️Floating Skulls☠️

Minting: Soon

Why choose Floating Skulls?

Floating Skulls will be providing you one of the best utilities you would have never seen in NFT space. This is a life changing opportunity. We are not just utility oriented project, we also provide great art to show off on your social media accounts. We will be hosting Events with big celebrities which will increase chances of project to be successful. Take a look at our some of the utilities.


We will host events of celebrities with enourmous fan following and provide free passes to the NFT holders with ability to resell the pass if not intrested or able to join in with community.

Gifts & Giveaways

Exclusive gifts distribution and giveaways will take place on the spot at events. Every skull pass holder will be eligible for gifts and Every Nft holder for giveaways present on event.


Charity for lifetime. 10% of the profit will be donated in charitable trusts every month with proof to the community.


Key Features



☠️ Hosting Events with celebrities for NFT holders.

Floating Skulls will host parties, shows and interviews with celebrities where holders will have free entries. But there are some diffrences between Skull events and other project's events as following:

  • Events will be open for public but paid.
  • Public will not be able to get all privileges as Holders.
  • If anyhow Holder would not be able to atend the event then they can resell their pass.
  • Passes for events will be distributed to the Holders in form of Virtual assests as Skull pass.

Everyone will be able to take part in Skull events but only Skull pass and NFT holders will be eligible for Excluive prizes. We will be hosting event for community at a time gap of about 3-6 months.

☠️ Exclusive Gifts and Giveaways.

NFT Holders and Skull pass holders will be eligible for exclusive Giveaways and Gifts in the events. Everyone attending Skull Events will have diffrent privileges including Public tickets could win prizes on the Events.

People attending events with skull passes will be eligible for gifts distribution. Everyone hoding skull passes will be rewarded with great gifts such as exclusive merchandise, watches specially customised for Skull community, Skull decorative-pieces to keep reminding memorable events of your life.

Only NFT holders attending the Events will be eligible for the giveaways. Winners will be drawn on the events in front of the audience. Giveaways will include expensive prizes such as cars, electronic gadgets, Gold & Silver Goods. Events will continue for lifetime so there will be unlimited surprises for the community.

☠️ Restaurants with exclusive privileges for Skull community.

Skull Restaurants will be opened in diffrent parts of world. All the Skull holders will be eligible for great privileges at the restaurants. Privileges are not yet decide but it could be like:

  • Free dessert everyday per Skull holding.
  • We may organise parties once every year in all restaurants.
  • Skull Holders could be eligible for exclusive discounts on food.

We will start opening restaurants throughout the world within one year of sell out. Five restaurants are expected to be opened every year from Floating Skulls.

The places for the restaurants to be opened will be decided by the Skull community. We will also try to provide free food for homeless people those are living on streets and don't get enough nutritious food.

☠️ Support and Legal Rights will be provided to the holders.

We will try our best to provide your Holders rights and as well as Holders will have exclusive privilege of our support from back if they launch any project.

We will keep check that none should be using our name on their property for profits excluding the Skull Holders. All the Start ups by the Skull Holders will be promoted by our team under some conditions. Only Skull Holders will be able to use our name for profitable conditions. All the rights will be given to the Holders. Holding a skull is also must for:

  • Collabs with Floating Skulls.
  • We will also be open for partnerships where all the founders will be required to own atleast one Skull.
  • All the celebrities working with us or for us will be owning atleast one Floating Skull in their NFT collection.


Our Great Team

Jorawar Singh


Gourav Singh


Prince Peter


Udochukwu Chibufe

Community Manager


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is NFT?

    NFT word stands for Non Fungible Token that means non exchangeable Tokens. Most of the NFTs are art pieces with utilities to their holders.

  • Main motive to create this project was enjoy with people out. Those who feel loneliness and those want to go out and chill for free, then you are at right place. We will be hosting events with celebrities and give free passes to the holders. And a lot more, Check our Discord for more.

  • Floating-Skulls will be minted in phases as: First phase will contain 1,200 Skulls costing ?? per NFT and will mint on TBA. Second phase will be minted on TBA for TBD each including 3,800 NFTs. Third phase will contain 5,000 Skulls for TBD each and will be minted on TBA.

  • We have best utility ever any project had in the Space as we will be working on community's life to make it easier and happier. We will provide enjoyment, support and happiness of good deeds to whole community. All the projects at the moment are just giving you hopes of making your life better, we know most of the people joined NFT space for just flipping. Right now no project have that ability so that you can flip them and become millionaire overnight. Be with us so that you hold the Floating Skulls and wake one day with a Asset worth millions.

  • That's easy just hype, celebrity support, and of course demand. As you know we will be hosting events so a lot of big celebrities will be supporting us, one point is clear. We have the best utility which will give community everything that's how demand for our Project will increase, second point cleared. When we will be giving away Cars hype will be really very high, that's how 3rd Point cleared. I know that's way more easier to say and way more hard to do but stuck with us if you want to watch it being truth, otherwise those ate pizza of 10k btc are still poor.